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A small heartfelt wedding in Split

This was another beautiful love story that I had the privelege of capturing. Annette and Stuart fell in love with Croatia on a joint vacation a few years back and decided this will be the place they say “yes” to forever.

The ceremony took place by a small little chapel nestled in the rocky face of Split’s Marjan hills. The beautiful gothic church known as St. Jere (Sv. Jere) was built in the 15th century and provides the most romantic backdrop for exchanging vows. The surroundings contributed to the intimate ambience followed by dinner at Grašo restaurant located in Split’s ACI Marina. With a view overlooking the sea and sunset, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful day, and just the beginning of a beautiful story.

Our happy couple are so in love with Croatia that they are searching for their own piece of paradise near Split so they can relocate indefinitely.
Every detail of their warm, intimate and beautiful wedding is credited to wedding planner Maja Juric from weddingscroatia.com



2015 is behind me and it will remain in my memory as a special year. I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful and interesting couples across sensational locations around Croatia.

Yuen and Mike are one of those couples. They hail from completely opposite ends of the world; Mike is Polish while Yuen is from Indonesia and they met in London. I must admit that I rarely laugh as much as I did at this wedding. The bride had prepared a series of obstacles and games that the groom and his groomsmen had to overcome as they climbed each level of the beautiful Villa Polesini in Porec where she was waiting.

I’m glad that I had decided to publish this wedding online a little later in the year as the prep work for the website brought back memories of how much fun I had at this wedding. My smile while editing didn’t come off my face. The combination of this interesting couple and the location would have to make the wedding one of the favourites in my career as a photographer.

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