10 photos of your wedding you need to have

Wednesday December 21st, 2016
Your wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime event that is over in the blink of an eye. You spend months (sometimes even years) planning the amazing day and when it finally arrives there’s so much excitement in the air, so many familiar faces all in one place, so many details finally coming together, you realise you’re walking over the threshold just as fast as you were walking down the aisle. When asked about their wedding, do you know what the most common response from every couple is? “It went by so fast.”
This is why I always recommend having someone capture the day for you, so you can look back and take in all the moments you might have missed. And there is nothing like the anticipation of your weddings photos once everything has slowed down again and getting the chance to relive it all.
Each photographer has their unique style and way of taking photos, their own eye-for-detail, if you will. The photos might look candid, but trust me, a lot of thought goes into them. Despite our different styles, there are some photo ‘must haves’ that each photographer should capture. And this leads me to today’s topic. Here is a list of 10 photos you should make sure to ask your photographer about.
1. The Getting Ready photo
Amfora Hotel Room Hvar
2. The Ring Close-up
Wedding ring close up
3. Shoe Close-up
Bridal shoes
4. The First Kiss
Wedding first kiss
5. The Sunset Photo
Sunset wedding photo
6. The table and Decoration Details
Reception table details
7. The Emotional Capture
Wedding emotions
8. The Close-up
Wedding photo close up
9. The Hero Shot 
Scenic wedding photo
10. The First Dance 
First dance