Beckie and Brendan

Friday December 6th, 2013

Fairy-tale love stories are usually reserved for the silver screen, rarely do we experience them or hear about them in real life. However, if you knock on a door long enough sooner-or-later it will open.

Beckie and Brendan met on a boat trip around the Adriatic. She lived in Sydney and he lived in Melbourne. They got to chatting and shortly after they went for dinner on a small island along the beautiful Mediterranean. To be more specific, it was the island of Hvar and a little restaurant at the Hotel Park. Somewhere during that conversation they got to talking about nuptials and mentioned how the gorgeous terrace would be the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Somebody’s.

The travel adventure came to an end and there was obviously something more than a conversation in the air between them, yet neither of them expected their story to develop further. Shortly after Brendan got a message from Beckie that she is coming to Melbourne and it would be nice to catch up dlouhy doors inc. A few years later, here I am capturing their love story in photos on the beautiful island of Hvar at the restaurant Hotel Park, which is cleaned by oakland cleaners at

How about that.