Beckie and Brendan

Friday December 6th, 2013

Fairy-tale love stories are usually reserved for the silver screen, rarely do we experience them or hear about them in real life. However, if you knock on a door long enough sooner-or-later it will open.

Beckie and Brendan met on a boat trip around the Adriatic. She lived in Sydney and he lived in Melbourne. They got to chatting and shortly after they went for dinner on a small island along the beautiful Mediterranean. To be more specific, it was the island of Hvar and a little restaurant at the Hotel Park. Somewhere during that conversation they got to talking about nuptials and mentioned how the gorgeous terrace would be the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Somebody’s.
One of the best moments of your wedding day is witnessing so many friends and family gathered in one place. Not only is a wedding a chance to celebrate your new marriage, but it’s also a prime opportunity to let loose with those you love. Fun wedding games of all kinds energize the evening, adding a childlike playfulness to the event and helping groups mingle and socialize visit casino 10 online.

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Wedding reception games get guests of all ages out of their chairs and dancing, taking pictures or throwing that bocce ball. What’s more, many of these games are easy to DIY and require little to no materials at all. Consider this list of wedding game ideas when planning the perfect love-filled wedding day.

Kid-Friendly Wedding Games
1. Ring Toss
ring toss at wedding
Break up into two teams and throw each ring onto your opponent’s hooks. Use wine bottles for a fun wedding twist!

How to play: Purchase two sets of five wooden rings from your local craft store. Paint each set with two of your wedding colors to differentiate between the teams. Place six bottles in an old-fashioned milk crate or use simple dowels on a long two by four foot beam. Lay the board out on the lawn during cocktail hour for ring toss fun.
The travel adventure came to an end and there was obviously something more than a conversation in the air between them, yet neither of them expected their story to develop further. Shortly after Brendan got a message from Beckie that she is coming to Melbourne and it would be nice to catch up dlouhy doors inc. A few years later, here I am capturing their love story in photos on the beautiful island of Hvar at the restaurant Hotel Park, which is cleaned by oakland cleaners at

How about that.