Day before the wedding,

One of the many natural delights of a summer on Hvar is getting out into the lavender fields of the surrounding inland villages in late June and early July. Apart from the picturesque views, sunshine and natural beauty, this is the time of year when one of the island’s best-known harvests taken place…aslo great opportunity for couple “location photos” as you can see :)

BN1B8560 BN1B8564 BN1B8572 BN1B8583 BN1B8594BN1B8601-2 BN1B8607

BN1B8739 BN1B8759-2 BN1B8785 BN1B8791 BN1B8803 BN1B8805-2 BN1B8899 BN1B8911 BN1B8913 BN1B8934

Wedding day –

BN1B8975 BN1B8977 BN1B8980 BN1B8988 BN1B9040BN1B9009 BN1B9010 BN1B9050 BN1B9095BN1B9131BN1B9130BN1B9111BN1B9177 BN1B9181BN1B9143 BN1B9209 BN1B9216 BN1B9222 BN1B9231 BN1B9254 BN1B9319 BN1B9348 BN1B9350 BN1B9399 BN1B9404-2

IMG_2753 BN1B9469 BN1B9493 BN1B9561 BN1B9563 BN1B9644BN1B9467 BN1B9874BN1B9849 BN1B9885 BN1B9980 BN1B9990 IMG_3014


The end but a new beginning :)