In Search of a Professional Wedding Photographer? “ROBERT PLJUSCEC” Is Here to Help You!
A wedding is a beautiful union of two souls and photographs are a huge part of your special day. Years after your wedding you will be looking at your photographs and reliving the memories restaurant theme. This is a good reason why you need a professional photographer to cover your wedding event!

I am regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Croatia. My specialty is a silent and documentary approach to wedding photography. Most of my pictures are captured in a natural setting which gives a certain type of radiance. In other words, you do what you want, I shadow you and capture your special couples. I strive to capture the romantic essence which makes wedding photographs memorable. Having beautiful pictures is like freezing a moment in time and saving it forever, and that is what my photography is all about – preserving precious moments!


A wedding is an important step one has to take in life. And to make it extra special, I try to gather moments that show the subtle transition of a girl into a bride. This is why getting ready is my favorite part of the day – the transition, the change. I make sure my pictures show the bride’s natural beauty and elegance. Since I strive to be unobtrusive, I know how to capture this important day without causing too much hassle for the bride/groom, as well as the guests. You can enjoy your perfect day, and I will capture those perfect moments for you!


With an open mind and improving with every wedding season, I will capture beautiful pictures that you will continue to adore for a long time! We will help you make your moments memorable. You can check out some of my references and client testimonials if you still have any doubts! I have laid out a strong foundation and this has been a result of my experience.


You can select the destination for your wedding in Croatia or anywhere else. If you want some consultation about locations in Croatia like Hvar, Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice, etc., you can also contact me anytime. I will recommend some lovely destinations for your wedding after closely considering your needs and preferences. It is all about you and your special day!

We have done many wedding photography sessions on the Croatian island of Hvar. I call this island my second home since I have been traveling to Hvar and working there for 15 years. To be honest, it is the best place for wedding functions and the ambiance is amazing for a wedding shoot! The view from the fort, old city or the lavender fields, it is full of great places for a location shoot and the photographs from this island are breathtaking.


Services We Provide:

Natural Wedding Photography:

This photography is commonly known as the “Documentary Wedding Photography”. Another name is “Reportage Wedding Photography”. I also prefer photography in natural light, if available. Using a flash when it is not necessary takes away the natural light you had on your day and flash is also very aggressive – you are always aware I am around, taking photos of you. With natural light, you do not even notice that I am there and do not need to worry about that strong light blinding you. Natural light has a certain soft touch, which is why photographs were done in natural lighting look so good. It basically comes down to the talent of the photographer. I prefer this type of photography and this is my strong suit. Afterward, on the dance floor, I am going to be using flash, but everything will be flashy, so, again, I will blend in.


Professional Wedding Photography:

A professional wedding photographer is the one who has complete knowledge about wedding photography and its importance so that there is no need for repeating the shots. You need to know the timeline and the best positions for certain photographs. If you hire a professional photographer, you will have beautiful and quality pictures to put on your walls. The pictures will also look beautiful in your albums. I am a professional wedding photographer and have years of experience, so my services are sure to make things better for you!


Outdoor Wedding Photography:

We offer outdoor wedding photography services. I have years of experience to offer and this is reflected in the photographs. Outdoor wedding photography is the one in which I capture the moments under the sky, not under the roof. I make couples blend with nature and because of the beautiful nature, greenness, sea, and waterfalls, these photographs look very unique. Some lovely examples of outdoor photography are shoots on the beach, in a forest or in just in a garden.

Engagement Photography Ideas:

Engagement photography is a vital part of wedding photography. You can hire me for the engagement shoots as well, you will see the “love story” package in my price list. You can consult me on numerous engagement photography ideas. If you want the fire things up a little, I can help you out with this. You can also check out our Facebook page for more details and ideas.


Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer:

Dubrovnik is an old beautiful city with a rich historic heritage and a unique architecture that is recognized by the world. This location is known for being a “Game of Thrones” capitol city. Star Wars and many other Hollywood movies were also filmed here. This can be your stage for your special day, but in this place, you need someone who knows the locations that can make this place seem like you two are the only people there. To be in a comfortable place consult with Allied Experts. The city is full of people and it is hard to be alone, but there are some secret places where you can do just that, I will show you. There are also some great locations around Dubrovnik, as the island Koločep, with great venues and locations for a wedding party. I have seen and worked at most of them so I can share that experience with you. You can find more information about our projects on our official website. You can follow us at “”. With us, your wedding day will be extra special!

Hvar Wedding Photographer

The island of Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. It has been famous since the classical age because of its important strategic and nautical position, rich history of various historical periods, its culture, natural monuments, and literature.

Thanks to the mild climate, warm winters, and pleasant summers, Hvar receives many guests, scientists, and travelers, who are attracted by the beautiful Mediterranean nature, rich tradition and architecture and nightlife. Hvar is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Croatia and for a good reason. The island is full of natural beauty, lavender fields, forts, observatories and beautiful rock beaches that give couples unique experiences and photographs, great places to have Bombtech Golf experience. This is my favorite destination in Croatia, like everything, there is set for your wedding – professional staff in restaurants/venues, lots of accommodation facilities for your guests and the natural surroundings that will take everyone’s breath away.


Split wedding photographer

Split is an old city that is now starting to get interested that it deserves. With great venues like Meštrović gallery and historic core, Split is one of the places on the Dalmatian coast that will make your wedding photos stand out just with its historic and unique architecture. There are many old allies in the old city center and parks that can be used for location shoots. That makes this city a great location for your wedding.