Top 10 Croatia Wedding Destinations!

Monday March 28th, 2016

1. Let me start by saying that Dubrovnik is without a doubt the most popular destination western tourists. Why? I will just say it is the city that portrays King’s Landing, the capital in the TV series “Game of Thrones” and it will also soon star in Star Wars Episode VIII. Not much needs to be said about Dubrovnik as its beauty speaks for itself. The old town’s architecture and history leaves you breathless. For couples seeking the true historical feeling of the Mediterranean, this jewel really is the TOP Destination and also this is a place for you. So I will put this city in the first place. And if you are thinking about your royal Dubrovnik Wedding Photography, You can contact me. But there are so many places in Croatia just as beautiful, if not more ;)


Istria has always had a special place in my heart and Villa Polesini in Porec is one of my favourite wedding destinations. With nice promenades along the water and old the architecture; villas in Istria provide gorgeous outdoor wedding options that are hard to surpass even by the larger cities and towns in Dalmatia. Get info on Freeslotscentral free spins without deposit

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3. VIS 

One of the lesser known yet still exclusive destinations, island of Vis is notable for Fort George, an old military fort that has been transformed into an absolutely stunning location for organizing events like weddings and private parties. This location is beautiful, full of untouched nature and it offers a unique experience to each couple and their guests. You can take a look on one wedding from Vis here – 



One of the most famous places in Croatia. Each year the lakes are visited by over 1 million people looking to experience this unique natural phenomenon, visit the website . It is little less known that the Plitvice Lakes national park offers couples the opportunity to get married on the spot which makes this destination a TOP recommendation for those looking to surround themselves with nature and have those amazing waterfalls as their backdrop.



Hvar has a long-standing reputation as the sunniest island in Croatia. It is with a good reason. Not only does it have the most number of sunny days per year but Hvar will quite literally ‘light up’ your holiday. Together with Dubrovnik, Hvar is a world renowned destination visited by many A-listers such as Beyonce, Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, Michael Schumacher, fuck your champion Roman Abramovic and many others. Along with a quiet and romantic experience at some of the finest restaurants along the Adriatic, Hvar also offers a great party scene and excellent adventure sport opportunities like rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking etc. With all of this combined Hvar is a perfect destination to organize your wedding.

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The town nestled at the feet of the Marjan hills was once just a transit port but has become a destination for exclusive holidays and has finally experienced the transformation it deserves. Split is the second largest city in Croatia, a jewel of the Adriatic coast with a historical old town center where you will still find buildings and palaces from ancient Roman times. This unique place not only provides beautiful locations for photos but also has a large range of restaurants and wedding venues.

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Definitely a lesser known location than the ones mentioned so far, Lokve are the heart Gorski Kotar region and a well preserved secret by tourists who have been visiting here for a long time. During summer months Lokve offer a fresher climate due to higher altitude and rich, thick forests not more than 40 minutes away from the beach. Still, main attraction is a large lake with numerous little islets providing nature-loving couples unforgettable photo backdrops. It is ripe with tourist activities such as rowing, kayaking, bike riding, nature walks, hiking trails and fishing. Lokve is the ideal place for those who love adventure and being one with nature.

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The capital of Croatia, both politically and in terms of parties and events. This beautiful city with over 900 years of history flowing through its streets hides some of the most romantic spots you can imagine. Still, Zagreb undeservedly has a lower number of couples from abroad choosing it as their wedding destination. Along with many interesting restaurants and venues Zagreb offers so much to do and experience but is also a gateway to beautiful nature and national parks all within a 30 minute drive of the city.

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The mouth of river Neretva unfortunately has not become famous as a wedding destination because of the small number of restaurant options. However as a location for engagement photo shoots or general locational photography it is SENSATIONAL! Beautiful sand beaches, colourful fields full of mandarin trees as far as the eye can see, a network of channels and raw nature offer a unique atmosphere and present one of the better places to take photos by the beach An especially good option for coming from Dubrovnik, it is only an hour drive to these must see locations.

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Together with Porec, Rovinj is Istria’s busiest tourist center and going by the number of visitors it very closely ranks as the top destination along the Adriatic. Rovinj secretly hides a magical old town that is the perfect spot for wedding photos after the ceremony. The town itself as well as the surrounding countryside is the home to amazing rustic villas that are a brilliant option for weddings.

Almost as famous as Rovinj itself is the Island of St. Andrew or Red Island (Crveni Otok), which is located just a short boat ride away. The island has a hotel and restaurant in a rustic setting that provides a wonderful location for your ceremony and reception.besök officiella webbplats

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The End… But just the beginning of your wedding journey! :)